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As from April 2007. our company is dealing with leasing of PERI shuttering materials, extended by providing technical assistance and ensuring computerised slab design, as required.

We have started this year, as well, the trading of special, built-in, as well as additional ingredients needed for the concrete technologies. Among others:

  • Schöck plugging and heat insulating frameworks
  • Sika packaging and surface finishing materials
  • Plastic spacers, edge protectors and other plastic subsidiary materials needed for shuttering
  • shutterseparator oil
  • hullámsámlik
  • steelhair
  • crust fortifier dusts

We are at your disposal with the complete product range of the Hungarian Kvarc Mineral Kft. - manufacturer of building materials:

  • concrete improvement materials
  • gletts, seating finishing materials
  • adhesives
  • mortars for building a wall, for rendering, for finishing
  • wall coats
  • rusticators

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