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Quality policy

Quality Statement

The high quality, the solid implementation services, and the financially competitive main contractual services are allocated into the centre of the activities of Proform 2003 Építőipari Fővállalkozó Kft. Our quality policy is valid to our all of the servicing processes and daily activities, and as organic part of the day-to-day activities it is continuously validated.

Quality objectives of the Company:

  • permanently meeting the requirements of our customers
  • strengthening our postion in servicing by improving the financial effectiveness of our main contracting activities
  • saving and permanently maintaining the contacting network of our sub-contractors and
  • the highly educated and experienced professionals of our Company

To achieve the objectives, above, our Company applies tools and methods, as below:

  • operating of ISO 9001 quality management system, which comrehensively covers all areas and procedures of services and activities of the Company
  • supporting the development of the quality approach of the employees and the managers, as well, as supporting the continuous deepening of their knowledge in quality subjects by regular trainings and appropriate insentive mechanisms
  • defining the quality requirements in all procedures and job positions, and ensuring the pre-conditions for complying all of these requirements
  • taking care of the continuous development and improvement of the current quality management system, and of the regular control of complying the quailty rules and regulations
  • provides open and helpful atmosphere for resolving quality-related problems
  • defining the quality requirements expected from the Company’s partners, and make them accountable, consequently

The personal responsibilities of the employees is dominant element of the Company’s Quality Policy:

  • all employee of the Company is responsible in meeting the quality requirements in his/her activities
  • managers are responsible for activating all efforts in sake for meeting the quality requirements in within the frame of the Company, and for
  • the complience of all rules and regulations defined in the Quality Policy

Balázs Csanaky and Arda Ural, Managing directors


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