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"Dynamism and professionalism in construction” this features the activities of the Proform 2003 Kft. since its foundation. The company’s contractor activity has been proved several times, it could meet all the quality and other requirements, which is proven by the fact, that once we have worked with a principal, he returned to us as our permanent customer. We are targeting the ISO 9001:2000 quality standard audited by Niszert, but our capacity, extensions of our resources and our solid backround of sub-contractors enable us to search for new co-operative partners and new markets. Since, our slogan is „Let’s build our future together!”. Our main profiles are: consruction in building sector as main contractor, building of monolithic ironconcrete works, special concrete and ironconcrete works, implementation of industrial floor surfaces, civil engineering and structural architecture.



  • consruction in building sector as main contractor
  • constructing works made of ironconcrete
  • implementation of special concrete and ironconcrete works and industrial floor surfaces
  • civil engineering and structural architecture

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